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Slovak artists for
Save Soil

Save Soil is a global movement launched by Sadhguru, to address the soil crisis by bringing together people from around the world to stand up for Soil Health, and supporting leaders of all nations to institute national policies and actions toward increasing the organic content to minimum of 3-6% in cultivable Soil. Enviro Club Púchov has actively supported Save Soil in numerous events, one of them being cooperation with 13 Slovak artists and illustrators who "donated" their artwork to support this initiative. We are grateful for your support:

1. Veruška Bobeková - IG: @veruskabobekova

2. Nadežda Hogan  - IG: @skicarastetec

3. Alica Kucharovič  - Silnejší prežije /The Stronger will survive

4. Viliam Slaminka - Veľké H a malé ó… – z knihy Príbehy z lúk a mokradí (vydalo BROZ)
Big S and small t… – from the book Stories from meadows and wetlands (pub.h.BROZ)
for more beautiful artwork from Viliam Slaminka check
5. Andrej Frič - Späť ku koreňom/Back to the roots
IG: @frikou.artwork

6. Dominika Farkašová - Anjel pána – The Angelus

7. Matej Ilčík - Farmár /The Farmer

8. Nina Šefčík - Coffee Lady
is part of larger composition telling story about coffee – from planting the coffee trees, through processing the beans, roasting, all the way to the moment when comsumer takes a sip and tastes the coffee. It was created for Verdadero c.a.f.e., local coffee distributor in Galicia, Spain, where Nina lives. Follow the link to see complete illustration – Coffee Story

9. Hedviga Gutierrez - Summer for children 2/Leto pre deti 2
From series of illustrations about camping and staying in the wilds.

10. Lucia Žatkuliaková - Save Soil for children’s magazine Little Sun
ig: luciazatkuliakova
fb: Lucia Zatkuliakova illustration

11. Ivana Kleinová - The moisture of moss and air
This comes from a need to describe and capture the feeling of having soil as your support and sometimes the only thing present.
A prehistoric painting of a man and a woman, as if always seperately thinking beings but what connects them are the roots and the soil.
The feeling of being in touch with soil, to absorb yourself into her, to sink your feet and your whole body into moss.
To listen how everything grows. And nothing else – just to be. Connected.

12. Jana Masarovičová - Series of illustrations created for Save Soil movement. Pictures of life without and with living soil.
Jana Masarovičová: “To me, soil means life, hope and tremendous joy. Let’s all be kind to soil.”

13. Alexandra Pavlíková Kuncová - Save Our Soil “You don’t just have to sit with your hands folded and watch the catastrophe. Help us change that, because it’s in your hands, too.”

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